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      Richard Simmons Weight Loss

      Possibly the most well recognized 70's weight loss guru, Richard Simmons has been jumping around for decades now, helping people find the thin person within. His diet plan is similarly upbeat and is also generally pretty cost effective as well.

      The basic premise of the Richard Simmons diet plan is that the dieter eats at least seven servings of fresh fruit and vegetables daily. The nutritional breakdown advocates that the dieter consume 20% fat, 20% protein, and 60% carbohydrates.

      Naturally Richard Simmons' tapes are available for purchase and recommended for use as part of the program. His electric style and upbeat attitude are nothing if not motivational and eye catching. His style may not have changed much over the years, but the results of his plan are impressive as ever. The Richard Simmons website also offers added support for those who wish to really kick start their weight loss, and also offers discounts on certain products and services. There are plenty of inspirational stories to inspire, and hints and tips from other dieters.

      Richard Simmons is not called a guru for nothing. He boasts an extensive range of products and services like seminars to help motivate and guide you on your way to feeling better and looking slimmer. If you're a member of his website you'll get daily tips, meal plans, restaurant guides and much more. Richard Simmons' results speak for themselves, as do millions of satisfied clients who have regained the lives they lost before being weighed down by excess pounds.