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      Hollywood Diet

      The Hollywood diet is a juice diet that can help you lose up to ten pounds in just two short days. The Hollywood diet is not just great for weight loss, it also helps you clean and detoxify your system in preparation for long-term weight loss. The juice is also high in vitamins and minerals which can help you stay healthy while you are dieting.

      Basically, the Hollywood diet is a juice diet. You buy the juice at your local store; it is usually located in the section with other weight loss aids. The juice is concentrated and one bottle will last you for the two days that you are to be on the diet. The juice is a mix containing papaya juice and apple juice among many others. It is fortified with vitamins, minerals, as well as some enzymes that help you clean out your system.

      While the diet may not help you lose that much in the way of fat, it will help some and can clean the waste products out of your body, give your digestive system a much-needed break, get rid of excess water and bloating, and the juice has lots of vitamins and minerals that make your body strong. Indeed, even among people who don't need to lose weight, short term juice fasts are highly regarded for their health benefits. The Hollywood diet confers these same benefits and helps you get your weight loss program off to a great start. The Hollywood diet, like any juice fast, can be repeated once every month for maximum health benefits.