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      Diet Help
      Straight answers to your questions about diets and weight loss!

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      Diet.com provides dieters with unique weight loss plans based on their dieting personalities. Upon your first visit to Diet.com, you can take a dieting personality test to determine your current eating habits. The reason? They seek to understand your specific lifestyle and personality first. Then they give you the structure you need to develop a healthy new weight loss routine at your pace. In short, you will find a set of personalized lifestyle guidelines to use as your launch pad to permanent weight loss.

      You will be expected to answer the questions honestly, because doing so will only help you get the right plan, and you will be asked a variety of questions pertaining to when you eat, where you eat and what triggers you to eat inappropriate foods or what triggers you to eat at inappropriate times. Once you have completed the quiz at Diet.com, you will then be provided with a diet plan that will address any baneful eating habits you may possess. Moreover, after you have completed the dieting personality quiz, you will be provided with the results and you will also be able to communicator with other dieters that are struggling with weight issues.

      With premium membership at Diet.com, you get several advantages. You will get a complete report pertaining to your specific diet personality provided by Dr. Kushner; you will get weight loss plans specifically aimed at your dieting personality type; and you get access to numerous recipes and meal plans. Further, with Diet.com, you are provided with an online consultation with the doctor and the dietitians on staff. Finally, there are a number of payment plans available at Diet.com: payment plans that easily fit your budget and are quite affordable. Clearly, Diet.com is the website to visit if one is looking for maximum assistance and support while they are attempting to get their weight under control.

      The Personality Type Diet approach has been used by hundreds of thousands of committed dieters on Diet.com as well as used daily at the Wellness Institute at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Clinically it has helped patients lose 15-20% of their body weight and keep it off up to a year or longer.