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      Atkins Diet

      The Atkins Diet was designed in the 1970's by Dr. Robert Atkins. It follows the premise that carbohydrates are the source of many people's weight issues, and that fat is not the evil it was once thought to be. The Atkins Nutritional Approach involves eating plenty of protein and fatty foods until the dieter feels satisfied. The only thing limited in this diet is the amount of carbohydrates the dieter consumes. Although it sounds unlikely that this would help anyone lose weight, many people lose between 5 and 30 pounds in the first month of following the program.

      Many people also report increased levels of energy and wellbeing, as well as increases in mental alertness. Those who stay on the program usually experience continued weight loss and a greater feeling of satisfaction with their personal appearance.

      Overly processed high sugar foods are still not advised, as in many other diet programs. This means that even on the Atkins diet eating an entire cake in a single day is not a good idea, nor is consuming pounds of chocolate. You can however enjoy a nice steak and glass of red wine with dinner. The Atkins Diet also claims to aid in cancer prevention, and many followers of the diet do note improved feelings of health.

      The Atkins Diet does not compromise on taste or nutrition, and it is exceptionally flexible. As long as you do not over indulge in carbohydrates, you can eat almost anything you want, whenever you want. This means that your lifestyle does not become one of denial, but of enjoyment.

      Excellent Diet!

      Atkins has been the only diet that has allowed me to stay healthy and energetic while losing many pounds.

      While on the diet, amazingly, I felt no hunger. This was a drastic departure from how I felt on other diets. A big factor in any diet is this: is the diet practical enough to maintain compliance for the long term?

      My answer was yes. It allows so many delicious foods. It has been the only diet that has truly worked for me. The pounds just start falling off, just like the book says.